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Have a Ball

Try reading this Web page without scrolling. Every day you navigate through files, email and Web pages by scrolling horizontally and vertically. Now you can do it all with your fingertip. Mighty Mouse’s Scroll Ball features miniature sensors that allow you to manipulate what appears on your screen merely by moving your finger. Scroll up and down to read a long Web page or document. Scroll back and forth to follow a timeline in iMovie or keep track of a large spreadsheet in Excel. But getting from point A to point B doesn’t always mean travelling in a straight line. With Mighty Mouse’s Scroll Ball, you can scroll at a 45-degree angle — even roll in 360-degree sweeps. Pan across a massive digital image in iPhoto or Adobe Photoshop. Take in a whole PDF in Preview. The Scroll Ball moves the content on your screen just as your eyes might move across a printed page. The Scroll Ball acts as an extra mouse button too, offering you one of a few clever clicking options.                     

It Squeezes, Not Squeaks

It wouldn’t be fair to call Mighty Mouse a two-button mouse with one button. Especially when it responds to pressure from your fingers in four different places. Besides the left- and right-click functions, the Scroll Ball clicks down to act as a third mouse button. And force-sensing buttons on either side of Mighty Mouse respond when you press in with your finger and thumb. Perfect for Mac OS X users, the side buttons are pre-programmed to activate Exposé, so you can view all your windows with a squeeze. Of course, you can also customise Mighty Mouse to open whatever you choose — Spotlight, Dashboard or any application when you have Mac OS X v10.4.6 or later.

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  • Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • Printed Instructions

A Bluetooth-enabled Macintosh computer Mac OS X v10.4.8 or later Existing keyboard and mouse for setup 2 AA Battery(Included)

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